Eman Foundation seeks to service the local Muslim populations of the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham. In 2018, these boroughs were home to 139,000 Muslims. Once construction is fully complete, with prayer service capacity for 3,000 worshippers at once, Eman Foundation will be ready to cater for the local Muslim Population’s spiritual, educational and developmental needs.

While construction is ongoing, we continue to provide a reduced, but much needed, service to cater for our local population.

Serving the local Muslim Community with Peace and Harmony

3000 Worshippers

Once Construction is complete, with prayer spaces spread over 3 floors, we will be able to cater for 3000 worshippers (male and female).

Adult and Youth Classes

Eman Foundation endeavours to offer Islamic Education for Adults as well young people and children from the ages 6 and above. At present, due to the ongoing construction work, capacity is very limited.


Start your marriage in the Masjid, by hosting your Islamic Marriage Ceremony at Eman Foundation, officiated by our Imams.

Group Visits

We offer guided educational tours for school and community groups to learn more about Islam and the role the Mosque plays in the lives of Muslims.

Islamic Programmes

At Eman Foundation, we host regular Regular Religious programming and lectures. You can also listen live via our website.


We host regular collections for our regional, national and international charity partners, to help us fulfil our responsibility in the prevention and relief of poverty.

Host Your Nikkah At Eman Foundation

Complete the form below and submit to the Eman Foundation Office.

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